divendres, 17 de febrer de 2017

Comparing apologetics to sex

Interesting quote:
"It may seem to be carrying pretentiousness to the point of fantasy when I say that what the speaker is aiming at is a union of minds between himself and his listeners as a result of which a truth living in one mind becomes a truth living in another. The analogy with bodily union is precise – and it goes with the analogy that both unions demand a concentration on the other party. The speaker who is listening spellbound to himself is not affecting a union of minds: in the bodily order there is a name for what he is doing, masturbation. In plain words each sort of union demands love. The speaker is genuinely making love to his audience. I have found the experience of making love to a different indoor audience every night in a long lecture tour, pretty draining. At the end of many a tour I have felt that I don’t want to see another audience as long as I live." 

Frank Sheed in the Church and I

diumenge, 27 de març de 2016

Papa Francesc - Dia de l'amor fratern

Estimeu-vos els uns als altres com jo us he estimat.

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diumenge, 22 de juny de 2014


A la tarda t'has adormit
i els colors i la llum
que omplen el misteri del món
han entrat als teus ulls
i se t'ha obert l'horitzó de la vida.
Tot el que val és amor. 
Has passat fent el bé
i has sabut ser feliç
i ens has fet feliços. 

Ara, tots els camins del mar
i de la terra són teus
mentre nosaltres
amb la punta dels dits
toquem la pau i la bellesa 
i l'amor 
que compartirem
al final del temps.

[poema en construcció,  copyrighted, all rights reserved]